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              About Us

              Data & Analytics

              We deliver enterprise data strategies, solutions, and services that help organizations leverage analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to support and inform future business strategy and performance.

              We help you analyze business intelligence within a large amount of data that can, in turn, identify new opportunities.

              SoHo Dragon assists across the board. Whether you are worried about security and need a data security assessment. Or you handle large volumes of data, perhaps even Big Data. We have vast experience in ETL migrations, Warehouse Assignments, Enterprise Data Lakes, and Data Warehouses.

              To extract value from data, it is often necessary to clean, transform, analyze, and visualize your data. We help businesses with :

              • Data Science & Analytics
              • Machine Learning Model Development
              • Dashboards and Reporting (including Dashboard and Report Migrations)

              Our Tech Stack Includes

              • Power BI
              • Azure
              • SQL data
              • Snowflake
              • Cognos BI
              • QlikView

              Our Services Include

              1. Data & Real-Time Analytics
              2. Machine Learning (ML) to discover what is predictable
              3. Business Intelligence
              4. Artificial Intelligence


              Case Studies

              Power BI Conversation

              SharePoint and SQL – Making Care for High-Risk Patients Less Risky